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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Who works in Breakfast Club?


Our Breakfast club is ran by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Haney.


When does Breakfast Club open?


Breakfast Club now starts at 7.45am. Children can be dropped off at the Foundation Phase door between 7:45 and 8:30 where they will receive a warm welcome from Mrs Thomas and Mrs Haney.


How much does Breakfast Club cost?


There is a daily cost for Breakfast Club of £1.00 per child.


Where is Breakfast Club held?


Breakfast club is held in the school hall, where the children have access to a range of toys, games and activities to play with their friends. 


What type of breakfast is offered?


Breakfast Club offers both cereal and toast to the children along with a choice of milk, apple, orange juice or water. 


Do I need to book Breakfast Club?


 No there is no need to book to attend Breakfast Club, we are always here to welcome you.