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Digi-Life Squad

Digi-Life Squad

Digi - Life Squad, here to help!


D igital

I ndependent

G roups

I nspiring


L eaders

I nternet

F un

E ducational


S afe

Q uirky

U nexpected

A pps

D igi-Life Squad

Have a question for our Digi-Life Squad?

If you have a question or worry that you would like our Digi-Life Squad to help you with, send them a message here and they will get back to you.

Our vision at Ysgol Gronant, is that our ‘Digi-Life Squad’ will be continually trained up in all aspects of digital competence and digital safety, and will then share their growing expertise across Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. This experience will support the excellent practice of embedding Digital Competence into our school curriculum.


Children across KS2 were invited to attend our ‘Digi-Life Lunchtime Club’, where we shared a PowerPoint, job description and application process with the children; those interested then completed digital application forms in order to be shortlisted. Successful applicants were then asked to submit a video presentation. From here, our successful candidates were chosen! 


These children are being trained in various aspects of digital competence and will share their knowledge and expertise with all of the children in our school. Each year, we will bring more children into the ‘Digi-Life Squad’ so that they too can be trained up and share their growing knowledge. Our mission is to have children across all classes who are members of our 'Digi-Life Squad'.


Our Digi-Life Squad works with other Digi-Squad children at Ysgol Trelogan, Ysgol Trelawnydd, Ysgol Rhos Helyg and Ysgol Brynford schools to ensure that we have up to date knowledge and can offer the best support to everyone - including our teachers and the wider community.