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Digital Citizenship Webpage! - 08/11/19

Our Digi-Life Squad have worked extremely hard to build a website that will help other children, and adults, to learn all about 'Digital Citizenship!'.


The children began by recalling previous learning with their 'Talking Partner'. They then looked at the DCF Digital Citizenship skills framework and formed groups, each taking on a different strand. The children then used useful links provided on our school website to research further, and began to form notes for use on their web-pages. 


Using Google Classroom Sites, the children have built a website that is entirely their own work. As a Squad, we built up the homepage together, in order to learn how to use Sites. From there on in, all of the sub-pages, content, language & formatting has been decided by, and completed by the Digi-Life Squad. 


You can visit their published website at 



Well done children! I am so proud of all of your hard work!


Ms Coleman.