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Flipgrid is an online tool that allows teachers to see and hear from every pupil by posting questions to multimedia discussion boards, called grids. Learners verbally complete the assignment by creating a short video response.


Flipgrid is a social and personal learning tool that can be used anywhere at anytime – it’s not just about recording videos! Learners are able to practise and perfect their response before posting, which may help to improve confidence and public speaking.


Once posted, peers can view other responses and hear other points of view, strategies and beliefs. Teachers can view the video reflections to check for possible misconceptions. Flipgrid also features rubrics, emoji reactions, and comment boxes to allow for a range of feedback formats.


Flipgrid join codes are shared with the children via either Google Classroom or Seesaw.

Need a little reminder? Take a look at our handy 'How to Guide'!