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Language, Literacy & Communication

Language, Literacy & Communicaton


Our genre focus for this half term is;


Non-chronological reports



Basic Skills


* IDL * 



Each day, children access the IDL computer programme, which supports the development of reading and spelling skills. The programme adapts as children develop their skills, so it ensures that it is always working at the appropriate level for them.




* Reading *


There are numerous opportunities for children to practise and develop their reading skills in school each day during their classroom tasks and activities.

Each child has also been allocated a book band at school, according to their reading levels. Children are invited to select a book from their allocated book band to take home with them.

Children are responsible for looking after their book and book pack, and are asked to bring their book pack into school each morning, and to take it home with them each afternoon.




* Guided Reading / Comprehension *


As a class, we will explore extracts from our class text/Bug Club guided reading text. Children will ask and answer questions and take part in a variety of activities to encourage higher level skill development.




* Spelling *


Children will be given opportunities to improve their understanding of spelling patterns via Spell Blast. Spell blast encourages children to learn spellings whilst playing and competing against each other. As they progress through the levels, the words automatically adjust to their ability so that they never find them too easy or too difficult.


Children will also be given opportunities to look through their classwork, and to identify and correct any spelling errors. 




* Handwriting & Presentation *


Children are encouraged to always present their work to a high standard.