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Late/Absence Procedures

Late / Absence Procedures


When does the school day start?


The external classroom doors open at 8:55 am and close at 9:00 am for registration. If your child is late to school, we ask that you come to the main school office to sign your child in, so that staff are aware that your child has arrived in school.


What should I do if my child is ill?


If your child is unwell please contact the school office on 📞 01975 856119 in the morning to inform us. If the school secretary is not in the office to receive your call, please leave a message on the answering machine. Alternatively, you can send a 📧 message directly to your child's class teacher via Seesaw to inform them of your child's absence.



How are the absences recorded?


If you ring or message to explain why your child is absence the reason provided will then be added to SIMs (our register) along with a suitable code to note that the absence is authorised. If we do not receive a reason then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


What shall I do if my child has a medical appointment?


Although it is encouraged to book appointments for after school, we understand that there are occasions when children need to attend appointments during the school day. We do ask if this is the case that your child still attends school where possible. For example, if the appointment is in the afternoon we can have your child ready at the school office ready for collection having attended for the rest of the day. Or if the appointment is in the morning, we welcome your child attending after the appointment. 


How do school monitor attendance?


Across the school we promote good attendance, it is important where possible that children attend school. It is very difficult for children to catch up when they have gaps in their learning. 

Every week we carry out a register check of each class and make phone calls to parents if needed.

We are here to support so if we can help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us. If there is a record of persistent absences then this is then referred onto our Education Welfare Officer who will investigate further. 


Am I allowed to take my child out of school for a holiday?


Although it isn't encouraged, children are able to attend a holiday during term time. However, permission is needed from the headteacher. It is important that a holiday form is completed and sent into school with sufficient notice.  







Should your child develop any symptoms of Covid-19 please keep your child at home and arrange for a PCR test to be taken. Should anyone in your household test positive for Covid-19 please arrange for anyone above the age of 5 to be tested before returning to school.