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Mantle of the Expert (Expressive Arts, Science & Technology and Humanities)

Our topic this half term will be 'Terrible Trolls' The children will have lots of exciting learning opportunities to answer our BIG QUESTION...

How can we help the trolls be better citizens?


We have discovered a few strange goings on in our wooded area, miniature strange objects have been spotted in the undergrowth. small packets of sweets and crisps and rubbish have been strewn across the grass. Holes have appeared as well as a small door leading to a tree. But who could be causing this mess? We have 6 weeks to find out and do something about it.


We are very lucky to be taking part in the Lead Creative Schools Project this half term. Miss Jenny Berrisford will be joining our team every Tuesday and Wednesday for the next half term. She is a Creative practitioner who specialises in film making and animation. So keep an eye out for lots of exciting updates on Seesaw about this project over the coming weeks.