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Meet our Digi-Life Squad

Meet our Digi-Life Squad!


Our Digi-Life Squad is currently made up of Key Stage 2 children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Here's what our Digi-Life Squad members have to say!



"The reason why I  decided to enter the Digi life was I love technology and helping others. I will  help teachers and students from Gronant and Trelogan to become better at understanding technology". (T)


“I would like to be a digi-life squad member because I like to help people through the ages with technology.

I like helping with electronics such as iPads chrome books and other electronics.

I like learning more about technology.

I want to be a digi-life squad member so that we can work together as a team to make the school digi-friendly


I promise to always be a good digi-life squad member”. (N)


“I am really glad that I'm in the Digi-Life squad because...


  1. I really wanted to join the Digi-Life squad because it is all about technology and Im familliar with that.
  2. I really like the way that the Digi-Life squad because the fact that it doesn't have a lot of people in it but it is still a really big opportunity to get in the Digi-Life squad.
  3. The one thing that I'm really excited about is to help other people out”. (A)


“I'm going to help everyone that i can because everyone is my friend😁

I wanted to be in the digi life squad because i LOVE technology.

I like technolgy because it’s I pads and all sorts”. (F)