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Meeting 2 - Media Communication - We are working to become paperless!

Reducing our Carbon Footprint by moving towards going paperless!


The first discussion that took place was about how many sheets of paper their teachers must use daily, and this led to an excellent discussion about how much paper we are really using at our school, each and every day. The children felt that that we could work harder as a school to reduce the amount of paper that we are using. Therefore their first important decision was made! 


We firmly believe that by reducing the amount of paper that we use, by sharing information digitally as opposed to paper based, we can make an invaluable difference to our environment. This means that we are working to reduce the amount of paper letters, as all information is readily available for you to access through our Media Communication services.


An excellent start to what will be both positive and encouraging changes to Ysgol Gronant, as decided by our wonderful Pupil Governors!