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School Development Plan (SDP)

School Development Plan

School Development Plan (SDP) 2020/21


At Ysgol Gronant, and as part of the Point of Ayr Federation with Ysgol Trelogan, we continually seek ways to provide opportunities to enrich teaching and learning and the experiences of our pupils.



Our school's priorities for 2020-21 are;


Inspection Area 1: Standards.


Raise standards in literacy, numeracy, communication and digital competency.


Priority 1a: To provide a creative and engaging curriculum accessible for all pupils. 

Priority 1b: To review our teaching practice to ensure teachers become facilitators of learning.


How will we achieve this?


Implementation of the 'Curriculum for Wales', considering how the four purposes drive learning priorities. 


Continuing to develop the digital skills of all learners and staff as part of the blended learning approaches. 



Inspection Area 2: Well-Being & Attitudes to Learning.


Ensure every pupil receives the support to enable them to engage fully in school life and make progress appropriate to their ability.


Priority 2a: To develop aspects of well-being across the Federation as pupils and staff return to school from lockdown.

Priority 2b: Healthy Schools.


How will we achieve this?


Achieve Healthy Schools Bronze award through the Healthy Schools Initiative. 


Learning should support learners' mental, emotional, physical and social well-being, as well as recognising the importance of outdoor learning and play.


Implementing the '5 ways to well-being' across the Federation.


Revisit 'Growth Mindset' e.g. resilience, perseverance, motivation. 



Inspection Area 3: Teaching & Learning Experiences.


Continue to review curriculum provision to match the implementation of 'Qualified for Life' as a Welsh Government curriculum pioneer school.


Priority 3: Continue to embed the Foundation Phase pedagogy and outdoor learning experiences.


How will we achieve this?


Reviewing current practise and identify strengths and areas for development. 


Staff to share planning across the Federation to utilise skills and expertise of all staff.



Inspection Area 4: Care Support & Guidance.


Ensure all pupils have access to a safe, appropriate, exciting and progressive curriculum in which every individual is valued and given every opportunity to reach their potential.


Priority 4: Ensure all pupils have a Growth Mindset, a voice and are given every opportunity to reach their potential. 


How will we achieve this?


A consistent approach to planning, monitoring and assessing, and promote an ethos of consolidating skills through Rich Tasks. 


An appropriate and exciting Curriculum, which is appropriate to all pupils and their individual needs, strengths and interests. 


Through Mantle of the Expert teaching method. 


Encouraging a Growth Mindset in all pupils.



Inspection Area 5: Leadership & Management.


Continue to develop distributed leadership, build leadership capacity in all staff and develop succession planning. 


Priority 5: Continue to develop distributed leadership, build leadership capacity in all staff to fulfil the Federation's vision.


How will we achieve this?


Staff to regularly reflect on roles and areas of responsibility to improve standards and learning experiences. 


Distributed leadership of school staff across the Federation to work confidently to move the federation forwards. 


Develop strong links within the Federation and local schools to strengthen collaboration and share good practise. 



Lead Creative School


We are really proud and pleased that Ysgol Gronant has been chosen to be a Lead Creative School by the Arts Council of Wales. This is a fantastic achievement and recognises the excellent work that is already taking place in Ysgol Gronant.


The Arts Council will now work with the staff and pupils in school to develop a creative curriculum and build upon the work we have already started. The school will be expected to share the work we are doing with schools across Wales in developing and delivering a creative curriculum to our pupils ready for the new curriculum for Wales in 2022. Only 600 schools in Wales have been chosen to be Lead Creative schools and we are really excited and proud that we have been chosen!