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How we use Social Media at Ysgol Gronant.





‪Please check that you are following us and have turned on notifications so that you don’t miss any of our Tweets 😊‬

Ways that Ysgol Gronant communicates with members of our school community.

We are working extremely hard to move towards becoming a Digital School. Our school Twitter page has been set up in order to provide great benefit in allowing successful communication between our school and our school community members.


Our three social media safety golden rules when using Twitter are as follows;


The minimum age for a social media account is 13 years. As a result no primary age pupil should have a social media account (e.g. Twitter, Facebook.) If we learn that your child has one we will ask you to close it in order to keep them safe.

We believe in respect for everyone. If you have a matter you want to raise with the school, please contact the school directly by phone, letter, or in person. Posting negative comments or groups on social media will be seen as disrespectful.

It is your choice if you want to post photos of your own child on social media. Please do not post photos of other pupils or staff, on social media. It is important to respect people’s private lives and safety. If we learn of any photos being uploaded without parents/staff member’s approval, we will report the image.



How is a Twitter account of benefit to Ysgol Gronant?


- Engage with parents:
Twitter is great for sharing the great work being done at school, and for you to share the great things that you are doing at home.

- Key announcements:
Sharing key information about school closures and cancellations of school clubs due to the weather, for example.


- Reminders:
As a reminder to pupils and parents on materials that the children need to bring in to school, e.g. if they need to bring in certain items for class/trips etc.

- Promote school events:
Increase attendance by posting reminders via Twitter.

- Post websites/apps to feed into lessons:
A great tool for students to compile research that can feed into lessons. Share the website/app via Twitter to increase the amount of responses.

The school Twitter page is strictly monitored by our Head Teacher Mrs Dawn Bayliss, Deputy Head Teacher Miss Faye Sullivan, Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Heulwen Closs-Sharp and our Digital Lead, Ms Nia Coleman. 

@POAFederation is the Twitter account for the The Point of Ayr Federation of Ysgol Gronant & Ysgol Trelogan.
We will use this account to share information and events happening across our Federation schools.


Our Twitter page will only be used as a communication tool for our school to share information with our ‘Followers’ and will be your first port of call for up to the minute information on what is happening on a daily basis in school. Please be aware that the current school protocol of telephoning our office with any other business will still apply. This tool, if used correctly, will enable easy to access, up to date information.


We trust that you will enjoy receiving updates about the fantastic experiences happening at school, as we receive wonderful feedback from our followers! Diolch yn fawr iawn! 

Use this helpful checklist to ensure that you have applied the correct settings for your own use of Twitter.




Mrs Gillmore (Chair of Governors) and Mrs Haney (Vice Chair/Community Governor) have recently launched a new Facebook page in support of Ysgol Gronant. 


This page is intended to advertise events happening at Ysgol Gronant to our local and wider communities. 


You can see what they are sharing via