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Twitter & Seesaw





You can follow all of the latest news from our class as well as the rest of the school by following the schools Twitter page:




Keep an eye out for our class #hashtags!


#DosbarthTraeth #GronantFP #YsgolGronant 







You can follow your child’s progress by viewing their work on Seesaw. We will regularly upload photos and videos of work onto the learning journal, and you will have the opportunity to give feedback to your children about their wonderful work.


I will also use Seesaw frequently to send any family announcements, and important letters and information. Please ensure that you have notifications turned on so that you don’t miss any important updates.

If you have anything that you wish to inform me about, or have any questions, please contact me using the Seesaw message tool, as it is much more efficient and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I will also message children using their Seesaw Student Account to share student announcements and homework tasks, so please encourage them to check their own accounts using the Seesaw Class App and by logging in using their Home Learning Code.