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Step in time / Cam mewn amser

Step in Time / Cam Mewn Amser

"Let's say..."

You are Timmy and you are 8 years old. You live in a beautiful house in the village of Llanasa with your mum and dad. The house has been in your family for many generations. 


The house is having some work done to it soon so it is time to help mum and dad clear out the attic!

Let's get the ladder and a torch and head on up into the attic. Watch out for the cobwebs! You are exploring the attic, you can see lots of boxes and old household items. Stop! You have just heard something scurrying across the floorboard in the corner of the attic. You shine your torch to find out where the noise came from but something catches your eye. A box, all alone. I wonder what is inside it?


You take the box downstairs and you open it in the living room with your mum and dad.

Inside the box there is an old toy, it has;


Dark brown ears. It has two brown eyes. It has a long white nose with a black tip. The body is stretched, with spots of different brown colours on it. In the place of its tail, there is a coil that points straight upwards. At the tip of the coil, there is a green ball. 


But it only has three wheels!

Join us in as we journey through the generations within Timmy's family tree!


Timmy is a young boy who lives in Llanasa. Through exploration of Timmy's family home, in particular, the attic, we found numerous diary entries written by different family members throughout the years. We also found a toy pull along dog, Mr Woofles, who has a wheel missing!


We must follow the clues left in the diary entries to discover what happened to the missing wheel. Will we be able to fix the broken toy?

Snapshots of our learning journey…