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Step in time / Cam mewn amser

This term started with a mystery…

The children came in one morning to discover that their role play area had been disturbed. What happened? Who was the culprit? 
People- The Three Bears

Problem- Someone had been in their house.

Place- Fairytale Forest

The crime scene

Mapping out Fairytale forest and using the ‘My tiny’ robot to follow the directions

More photos of our topic


Our next half term started with a person, place and a problem.


Person- Sonia is a local busy working mum.

Place- Ysgol Gronant

Problem- Sonia needs to organise a Diwali party but as busy working mum, she had no time to do it herself. She needs our help to plan and create the party. 

So we set to work, planning, creating and learning all about the festival of Diwali. 
the class decided they needed…

  • A special place to hold their party.
  • food
  • music
  • special clothes
  • dancing
  • decorations
  • hats
  • friends
  • costumes

We created a Indian restaurant in the roleplay area.

Sonya came into to make chapatis with us.

Learning about Diwali

Displays around the class

The Diwali party